A new hope for Georgia Senate District 45


Why I’m Running

I decided to run for Georgia State Senate for one simple reason: my daughter.

My four year old daughter recently told me about practicing a drill to hide when there are strangers in the building at her preschool. The fact that this is even necessary makes me sick. I want to make sure that my daughter, and every child just like her, is kept safe and has access to every opportunity that the State of Georgia can provide. She is only four but, like most parents, I’m already concerned about her future.

Protecting our Constitutional rights, our local community, and our planet are significant ways that I can help give our children the beautiful lives that they deserve. As adults, our job is to preserve and enhance the world for our children and future generations. Many of our current lawmakers don’t seem to be interested in anything but special interest group agendas and ignoring the feelings of the people they’re supposed to represent. I refuse to sit quietly on the sidelines while Georgians are being bullied and ignored by their elected representatives.

I’m not a politician; I’m a mom, a wife, and a woman who cares about other people. My mission as your new State Senator will be to represent District 45 in a way that allows all residents to feel safe, seen, and heard in 2020 and beyond.