A new hope for Georgia Senate District 45


The Issues


As the mother of a rising pre-k student, improving our schools is a priority for me. Every child deserves access to an excellent education. I attended a Georgia public high school and was able to afford college because of the HOPE Scholarship. Providing opportunities like these to help our children find a successful path secures the future of Georgia. Kids are being asked to focus so much on testing and not enough on creativity, skill building, or learning. I want our teachers to be paid well, have the supplies they need, and able to get kids excited about their classes –  not just forced to teach for the next standardized test.


All Georgians should have access to healthcare and maintain control over their medical decisions. The government should not be making choices for women about their bodies. No one should have to wonder if they will be able to afford healthcare for their family or themselves. Expanding Medicaid would help thousands of Georgians receive necessary, often life-saving, medical care. Our friends, family members, and neighbors are forced to choose between rationing medication and buying groceries; that just isn’t right. I will fight for your rights to choice and healthcare.


One of the things I love about Gwinnett County is its diversity. I will always fight to maintain that diversity and respect for all different kinds of people. Racism and bigotry are wrong. Discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion (or lack thereof), or anything else is never acceptable and I will stand against any legislation that allows or encourages discrimination. 

Clean Energy and the Environment

I believe that we must take action now to improve the climate and protect our environment. Keeping our air, water, and soil clean is imperative to providing a safe future for our children. We should be finding ways to incorporate alternative and clean energy sources into our state. Part of this effort includes investigating mass transit and other connectivity options to provide more choices – with the added benefit of a better commute!

Gun Safety

As a gun owner, I believe there is more we can do to keep people safe when it comes to firearms. Gun owners should be properly trained on the use of firearms and ensure they are safely stored. We must make an effort to protect law-abiding citizens; our elected officials have remained paralyzed for too long. I support more comprehensive background checks for all gun transactions. I also support the efforts of law enforcement professionals in preventing domestic abusers from owning firearms; we need a state law that complements federal law already in place.

Voting Rights

I believe that all votes should be counted. I am deeply concerned by reports of voter registrations being cancelled or purged and will work to ensure that every voter is able to cast their vote. These types of tactics disproportionately affect people of color, low income people and young people, and that is just plain wrong. Georgia must have integrity in its voting systems and election oversight.